For Truth Seekers & Defenders

Using todays technology to share the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

It can be frustrating knowing God’s Truth and wanting to share it and not exactly knowing how. Or even worse, knowing there is a good response or answer to someones comment but not knowing exactly what it is or how to back it up. We are building a tool to help!

Sharing truth in a digital world


To arm young Christians with accurate, real-time, information and sources on God’s truth so they can defend their faith in real time in the real world.


Everyone has big questions about Christianity but the crazy part is that 90% of seekers have the exact same 2-10 questions! we will equip you with the answers you need


It's a Free app which will remain free, with no ads, funded via donations to the ministry which will become a legal Canadian Non-profit.


Sharable educational snippets sourcing a wide variety of topics on Christianity (sources will include the Bible and modern science resources, among others) designed as conversion starters and conversation tools for Teens who want to share their Faith


“Seeker” accounts can be converted to “Christian” accounts when they are ready, the Sinners prayer will be provided and free Bibles can / will be mailed out if requested


It will be a Fact sourcing tool, giving Teens the confidence to speak to things they know of Christianity and providing the tools and sources to equip them and share them with peers both in person and online via the app


There will be “I am a Christian” account set up and “I am not sure / seeking / wanting to learn more” , name in progress, for Seekers who are curious to learn more about the Faith as shared with them via App sharing.

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We are needing to raise $25,000 to build the minimum viable product of our app so we can get a team of beta testers using it and we need help spreading the word!

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We will be collecting your main questions and objections when it comes to sharing your faith. Submit one here and thank you for your input.